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Polypropylene (PP) strap is a packaging banding strap ideal for light packaged goods and the robust packaging and safe strapping method due to its excellent mechanical features and tensile strength. These packing straps for boxes are made from lightweight plastic material and fix loads of pallets or bundling items for shipping. Our PP packaging straps are eco-friendly and ideal for bundling and secure carton sealing.

Plastic bundle strap is available in a range of colors, widths, thicknesses, and polymer variations, but the yellow packing strap is the most popular in the market. The Plastic bundle strap has an embossed and smooth surface. Apart from being available in different colors and dimensions, it can also be made available with the client’s logo on the strap. Plastic bundle strap is shock-absorbent, which makes transportation and material handling better for industries. NBM Pack is the leading PVC packing strap manufacturer in UAE, offering lightweight, corrosion, and rustproof strapping for all types of materials. Unlike steel straps, Polyester straps are more flexible, which protects the material from stretching over time.

The common areas where one needs PP packaging straps are the industrial sector, where high breaking strength is necessary. Our PP straps are available in a width of 9 mm to 25 mm and thickness from 0.56 to 1.27 mm, depending upon the application. 

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NBM Pack is a renowned supplier of pp packaging straps. The team at NBM aims to duly meet the underlying standards of transport and storage industries across UAE. Being one of the trusted PP Strap suppliers in Dubai, we understand your needs and assist you in the best possible manner. Our creative, high-quality plastic bundle strap will allow you to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and promote health in the workplace, foster care, and environmental issues. We are inspired to provide competent customer service to premium strapping rolls in Dubai. For more details about our spectrum of PP packaging straps, feel free to call us now.

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