Packaging Accessories

Packaging Accessories

high-quality Packaging Accessories

Composite Straps

Resistant to all weather circumstances while transportation, maintained tightness due to its stretchy elongation make our composite strap worth buying.
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Dunnage Bags

We provide the most reliable and top of the line variety of dunnage air bags that are proven to be the best in load bracing, void filling and more.
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Jumbo Bags

We are one of the known manufacturers and suppliers of jumbo bags that are designed as per the requirement of various small and large scale industries across UAE.
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L Corners

Our L Corners are highly effective to protect your product during storage or transit. Helps to prevent damages to edges and corners in the best manner.
Packaging Accessories

Packing Machine

NBM Pack offers you Automatic and semi-automatic packing machines that save a lot of time of packaging bigger boxes and fragile objects for transportation.
Packaging Accessories

Plastic Pallets

We manufacture and supply the highest quality plastic pallets, which can be used for heavy-duty storage, and are well known for their strength, capacity and longer life.
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Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality packaging accessories we ensure the best quality PP String and stretching twine, available in different lengths and thicknesses.

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