The Leading Shrink Film Suppliers in the UAE

NBM Pack has held its strong presence since 2009 and has become a leading name as a shrink film supplier while maintaining a standard level of quality. When you choose us, you work with the most sought-after supplier that caters to your widest packing needs.

Our shrink wrap can be used on different applications, be it packaging fresh for the supermarket to wrapping for security purposes. Being a polymer plastic that shrinks, it delivers good toughness and maximum seating capacity.

So, one can buy a bundle of 20 bottles at one packaging through shrink film packing instead of buying 20 separate bottles! It is also greatly used for optimizing consumer awareness by printing and branding it.

Our multi-purpose product quality ensures safety, security and strong containment guaranteed. The shrink wrap we offer shrinks and secures the entire item covering it when the pressure of the heart is applied onto it.

Shrink film

Features of Shrink film

  • It is the tightest plastic packaging surrounding vivid products like bottles, pharmaceuticals, soda cans etc. 
  • It adds a bundle of product in a single packaging with its shrinking capacity, as the name states
  • It tends to speed the packing speed and offer a good sense of reliability. 
  • Shrink film comes in two types, Polyolefin and Polyvinyl Chloride, which is outdated.

Advantage of Shrink film

  • It allows increased security and extra protection to package 
  • It is tough, soft and cold-resistant, along with being wrinkle-free
  • The best part is its ability to protect the product and not to emit harmful gas during usage
  • High holding force that can cover up many products at one without damaging
  • Better visual appearance and great transparency with gloss surface packaging. 

Application Shrink film

It is a multi-purpose packaging solution, good for not just regular but irregular products too. It is used for transportation and storage of many products that include bundle packaging of food, electrical and electronics. Overall, the customer can make the most out of this packing since it is a versatile one to choose from. And when NBM Pack offers the product, you get quality, affordability, and a good tear resistance feature. Along with beverages and non-food products as well as home appliances, toys, sporting goods and others.

Why NBM Pack?

When you order wholesale shrink film from NBM Pack, you can enjoy the great benefits of superior quality, UV resistance, and safe storage option too. When you choose us, we ensure to offer the product in LDPE, POF and PVC plastics, and other different forms that include clear and white.

Our Shrinkwrap is made to comply with the industry standards available in a vivid range of options. As a leading supplier, we deliver faster and affordable shipping, so you can place your order and get it delivered on time.

We understand our customer’s unique needs and, therefore, the product that goes well with both automatic and semi-automatic packing machines.

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