Double Sided Tapes

NBM Pack gladly supplies the more than 50,000 individual clients to double sided tapes with bundling related items. We stock a huge scope of Pre Printed Tapes, Plain Tapes, and Colored Tapes and obviously we plan, print and convey Custom Tape. Custom double sided tape is an awesome approach to seal your containers whilst promoting your organization in travel. Customize your bundling tape to increase most extreme introduction in today’s focused business sector. Our base request provides the various ranges of 72 moves of tape.
We created the 40,000 moves of Custom Printed Tape for the splendid services to advance in shops far and wide area in the world.
Double sided tapes Manufacturer & Suppliers in Dubai UAE
The tape is made of tissue paper both side covered acrylic water or dissolvable based glues and overlaid with twofold side discharge paper. This tape is utilized is appear and cowhide industry, froth industry, postal administration, name and part of different employments in using out the simplest varieties of tapes.
Effectively bonds glass, wood, steel, solid, froth, and plastic together with quality and velocity required for changeless, auxiliary and repositionable applications
Our line of twofold sided holding tapes give shear quality, comparability, surface attachment and temperature imperviousness to make selecting the right tape for your next venture less demanding than at any other time.

Double Sided Tapes Features

NbmPack makes a quality two fold types of covered tapes which add to the general efficiency of the accompanying commercial ventures

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